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121217 | immortal song 2 recording 
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Inbox fic (Part 16 - End)
  • As startengu stepped forward to take back her stickynote, Woohyun leaned across the table and enveloped her in a hug. “Come back soon, jagiya~” he whispered in her ear. She blushed harder than Woohyun thought was possible and stuttered out a thanks. “I-I’ll be back in two weeks,” she added. Relief coursed through Woohyun’s body. Thank goodness, his young lady wasn’t leaving him!
  • Two weeks later, Vivian  flew back into the country, having come back from visiting her relatives. As much as she missed them, she was excited to be back in Korea. Okay, Infinite weren’t promoting as much and it would be difficult to see them now, but still! Korea held many other things to keep her occupied while she waited to see Woohyun again. “YAH! STARTENGU!”
  • Vivian turned around. Her jaw dropped when she saw none other than the master of grease standing beside a pillar, waving at her. “Woo-?” She clamped her hands over her mouth, dropping her bag in the process. How could she just stupidly blurt out his name in public like that?! What if it attracted other fans?! Woohyun strode over to her. He picked up her back and walked her to a quieter part of the airport.
  • "Woohyun-op- I mean Woohyun-ssi, what are you doing here?" Vivian asked in bewilderment. "Ah. That." He smiled down at her. "Do you want to get a coffee?!" Vivian felt her jaw drop and couldn’t stop staring in disbelief. Woohyun had a smooth (but smug) grin on his face. "I- yes, but- I. Why me?" "Because you’re my laughing lady." She was his what? And he just referred to her as his! What was this madness! Stunned, she followed him to a deserted coffee bar.
  • "Yah, Woohyun, where have you been?!" Infinite’s manager shouted at the blissfully happy man. "On a date~" Woohyun grinned happily in response. "A-a DATE?!" The manager erupted. "Are you out of your mind?!" Woohyun simply tuned out his manager. Nothing could spoil the blissful feeling left over from his date with Vivian (turned out startengu is not a foreign name).
  • It was still way too early to make such a decision, but Woohyun could see himself spending the rest of his life with her. ‘I’m going to make her mine for infinity.’


Inbox fic (Part 11 - 15)
  • That night, after a day packed to the brim with promotional activities, Woohyun smiled softly to himself as he thought of his young lady, startengu. ‘Is it a foreign name? Or did she make it up?’ he wondered to himself. He fell asleep, dreaming of his smiling young lady, the one who made him feel as light as a balloon during this promotional time.
  • A month later, Infinite’s promotions for their latest comeback ended. They were still endorsing food, jewellery and clothes but now there were less music shows for him to spy his young lady at (or as Sunggyu dubbed her, “your cursed crush”). Woohyun wondered would he see her again, at an upcoming fansign. It was then he half-wished he wasn’t an idol, because it was the only thing that was keeping him from pursuing the young woman.
  • Woohyun sat at the fansign. He was jiggling his legs and forcing a smile for his fans. Where was his lady? The day was drawing to a close and Infinite has already worked their way through the majority of their fans. ‘Is she not here today?’ he thought disappointedly.
  • But out of the corner of his eye, he saw a girl push down her hoody. He could only see the back of her head, as she was talking quietly to her companion, but Woohyun’s gut insisted that she was his lady. He clamped down on the urge to jump out of his seat to check. ‘She’ll be here soon enough,’ he thought to himself. And she was. She stood before him, smiling brightly as before and greeted him sweetly. Woohyun beamed up at her.
  • Woohyun took her stick note and read. “One day, I hope that I can hug Woohyun-oppa. But for now, can I have some hearts before I fly home?” What? She was flying home? Where? Was it far? Would he see her again. So Woohyun stood up. He raised his arms. startengu looked surprised, as did a few of the other Inspirits. And then Woohyun put his hands on his head and made a heart shape, before throwing them at his crush. She flushed and giggled and bowed in thanks.

Inbox fic (Part 6 - 10)
  • The following day, Infinite had a fansign. Woohyun was more than happy to fulfill the duty today, though he was a little tired. He answered the fans’ cute questions on little post its, threw hearts at them and chatted amiably with them. But his smile fell for a moment due to the shock of seeing the young lady again. ‘My young lady,’ he thought to himself, his smile returning, though this time it was softer than before.
  • He watched her out of the corner of his eye as she slowly made her way through the other members, greeting them in Korean, though her pronunciation had a slight accent to it. ‘Is she a foreigner?’ he half wondered as he signed another CD and smiled at the fan before him. As she neared, he felt his heart speed up, and he tensed slightly. He felt motivated to make his interaction with her different, special… memorable.
  • "Hello," she greeted him. Her smile was tinged with nervousness and he may have been imagining it, but her breathing seemed a little shallow. "Hello~" he replied. He took the CD from her hands, which had a slight tremble to them) and signed it. He took off the sticky note and read it.
  •  ”Woohyun~ You are my ultimate bias~ I really really love you! >.< I really love your bright smile and gorgeous singing!” The neatly written hangul made his heart skip a beat. “Oh, do you really love me?” he beamed up at the young lady. “Yes.” She looked so cute with the blush spreading across her face. “Cute~ What is your name?”
  •  He loved the way her face flushed pink once again and how she rushed to get her name out. “St-startengu!” ‘Wut. My young lady’s name is startengu?’ But he continued smiling at her. When handing over her CD and sticky note, he made sure to brush his hands against hers. He saw the way she jolted and fought to hide his smirk at eliciting such a response from her.

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21. It was still way too early to make such a decision, but Woohyun could see himself spending the rest of his life with her. 'I'm going to make her mine for infinity.' THE END.



gosh aisdjbfaiodbvuaubdvobu you’re too kind. I’ll be posting the full thing in parts. 

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Inbox fic (Part 1 - 5)
  • Woohyun had seen the girl- correction, young woman many times now. First, had been at one of Infinite’s concert. The second had been at a fansign. The third time, he saw her when he stopped by Sungyeol’s place momentarily. The third time, he had heard a bright laugh, and turned around to see the same young woman bent double in her seat with laughter. ‘Pretty…’ was the first thought that entered his head upon seeing her smiling face.
  • It was only on reflection later that day that Woohyun realised he had seen the young woman before. From that day on, he kept an eye out for the young lady who laughed with her whole body. He had secretly hoped that she would show up at a fansign - at least there, he would have some chance to converse with her. But it wasn’t until Infinite were promoting once more that he saw her at a music show.
  • When one of the stage lights was shifting into position, it hit off the young lady’s dark hair and Woohyun immediately spotted her. She looked so ecstatic, and when Infinite stepped onto the stage for their first run-through their song, she started shaking her friend beside her, and jumped in her seat with excitement. ‘Cute~’ Woohyun noted with a smile. And for the subsequent run-throughs, he kept his eye on her.
  • Her smile was so bright and sincere. She was so enthusiastic when belting out the fanchants. And in between Infinite’s performances, her face lit up as she conversed with the person beside her, another young woman. And Woohyun adored the way her face lit up and the way she laughed when he started throwing hearts out into the crowd. He looked directly at the smiling young lady, grinned as brightly as he could and threw three hearts in her direction. Her ecstatic response warmed his heart.
  • "Yah." Sunggyu nudged Woohyun. He kept his voice low as the other members were dozing in the car. "What’s got you grinning like a fool?" Woohyun looked at him in surprise, and then lifted his hand to touch his cheeks. Had he been smiling all this time? He had! His cheek muscles were aching after smiling so big for so long. "Inspirit energy," he answered. "There was this one really cute girl in the crowd… she was so hyper and excited." He grinned again at the memory. Sunggyu rolled his eyes.

11. That night, after a day packed to the brim with promotional activities, Woohyun smiled softly to himself as he thought of his young lady, startengu. 'Is it a foreign name? Or did she make it up?' he wondered to himself.(you need to put your name up so i can use it) He fell asleep, dreaming of his smiling young lady, the one who made him feel as light as a balloon during this promotional time.

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